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Financial services

International group, specialist in the distribution and management of payment cards:
Fi.Solutions participated in the implementation of Sarbanes Oxley procedures, including review of the procedures manual and improving work methods in use. The firm also assisted the accounting manager, especially in confirming intercompany accounts.

Investment fund

UK investment fund specializing in developing businesses. The firm carried out an acquisition audit related to an investment by the fund in a French company in the retail fashion trade, including review of accounting, tax and personnel matters. The firm also prepared and presented certain financial forecasts.


French branch of a New York-based, listed insurance company specializing in guarantees backing bond issues, operating around the world (France, UK, Spain, Mexico, Australia and Japan). Fi.Solutions is responsible for the bookkeeping, preparation of a monthly reporting package for the US on the third day after the month-end and general tax compliance.
Accounting entries are recorded on a dual chart of accounts: the French accounting plan for insurance companies and the applicable US system.

Real Estate

French subsidiary of a German investment fund active in the French real estate market via some fifteen properties. Our firm keeps the basic book-keeping records, prepares periodic / monthly tax returns (e.g. VAT) and annual returns (e.g. corporate profits tax) and records property transactions for an appropriate, meaningful analysis of financial results.

Financial information

French subsidiary of an international group listed in the US, a leader in supplying financial information. Our firm accesses the accounting entries maintained under US principles and records the adjustments necessary for financial statement presentation under French accounting and tax regulations. Fi.Solutions also provides tax compliance and advisory services.