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Passionnate about business

As a manager, an executive, a business owner, a financier or a professional, you want to deal with staff who share your meticulous attention to detail, your thirst for efficiency and your drive for excellence.

Fi.Solutions was founded by people who understand how business works and are well acquainted with its pressures and demands. In short: we get it. For us accounting is not an end in itself but a means to help businesses grow.

Geared to adapt

The advanced IT tools that we use enable us to offer you more options in terms of how, where and when. We can thus operate:

  • At your choice of premises,
  • On your choice of accounting software,
  • With digital or hard copy accounting records.

Our accounting and CRM software are also available to you online. You can thus freely access at any time the data we manage on your behalf.

Meticulous to a fault

Our roots in one of the Big Four professional services networks make us alive to the highest professional standards and the strictest guidelines. We leave nothing to chance.