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Fi.Solutions can carry out short and clearly defined assignments resulting in in-depth analyses of your various management cycles and their associated risks. For us, the analysis of the administrative and accounting organization is an integral part of the accounting and tax services we provide.

As part of a structured process with the use of detailed questionnaires, we can analyze all or part of the key management cycles in your company:

Sales – Accounts Receivable :

  • Order
  • Delivery
  • Invoicing
  • Claims and credit notes
  • Transaction recording 
  • Cash receipt and collection processes...

Purchases - Accounts Payable:

  • Orders
  • Reception
  • Invoice approval
  • Transaction recording 
  • Follow-up
  • Payment...

Personnel – Payroll :

  • Hiring
  • Preparation and modification of contracts
  • Termination of contrats
  • Production of payroll and
  • Social security returns...


  • Access to financial assets
  • Security
  • Control over financial assets…

IT systems

  • Backup procedures
  • Antivirus protection
  • Password management
  • File management…

Inventories and Fixed Assets

  • Protection
  • Recording
  • Evaluation…